Ondy Willson

Upcoming Courses

Ondy visits the U.S.A. in November 2023. Check out where and when she will be teaching.

AT: Shantideva Center, FPMT, New York City

ON: Friday 3rd November 2023 – Introduction and Book Launch

AND Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2023 – a day/weekend course.


Spiritual Rebellion- mindfulness with ATTITUDE a secular course

Evening Talk:

What do we mean by that loaded word “spiritual”? To commune with nature and feel part of something bigger perhaps? Or to light candles, burn incense and summon the supernatural? And do we need to be religious to be genuinely spiritual?

With mindfulness becoming mainstream, many of us are turning to the practice as a way to de-stress, bringing much needed relief from the hectic pace of our lives. But can we utilise its dynamic quality to offer us a more comprehensive understanding of spirituality?

Join Ondy to find out how we can gain insights into life’s eternally discombobulating questions. And not necessarily by changing our belief systems or trying to be something we’re not! With warmth and wit, she talks no-nonsense, ego-busting self-discipline. Then, taking us by the hand, she gently guides us every step of the way, showing us how to use mindfulness to make titanic shifts of thought and action that can change our lives. To inspire us that transformation is possible, even for the most stubborn of minds, Ondy shares candid examples from her own life and asks us to, please, join her in a SPIRITUAL REBELLION!

There will be an opportunity for book signing and joining the weekend course if you feel inspired to learn more.

Weekend Course:

During the week-end we will go deeper into the heart of spirituality and how to engage with mindfulness as a dynamic tool for change. There will be teaching, discussion and reflective activities as well as time for questions and answers. The objectives of the course overall are:

· Clarify your understanding of what it means to be a spiritual practitioner (Does religion help?; What is Spiritual Materialism?;How to avoid the pitfalls of self-righteousness; What do we mean by spiritual bypassing)

· Deepen your understanding and use of mindfulness in everyday life (Practising meditation; Transferring the practice to everyday experience; Ego-busting – how to manage your “self” without damaging yourself)

· Take aways – (Pennies dropping; Lightness of being; Inspiration to change your mind and change your life; A curious mix of new self-confidence and utter humility

· Indiana Buddhist Center

AT: Indiana Buddhist Temple, 9260 E 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46229.

ON: Friday 10th November 2023 6 – 8.30pm

AND: Saturday 11th November 2023 10.00am – 1.00pm


Spiritual Rebellion, mindfulness with ATTITUDE see course description above


ON: Sunday 12th November 2023 3-5pm


Teachings on the Practice of Tara a Buddhist course

To quote Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the late Spiritual Director of the fPMT:

“Tara is a special deity, a manifestation of all the buddhas’ holy actions of body, speech and mind. Therefore, she is called “mother”. By depending on Tara one receives enlightenment, as all those who in the past have depended on this special deity, this manifestation of all the buddha’s holy actions.”

Tara can be practised in many ways. Kriya yoga emphasizes external devotion – “Tara is a Buddha and I will make offerings to her and requests for protection”. Charya yoga encourages both external and internal practices – Tara exists and if I generate her qualities I too can become like her. In this session we will take time to consider the different methods of practice to further a more in depth understanding of Her many aspects, with emphasis on developing a stronger relationship with this extraordinary goddess.


ON: Wednesday 15th November 2023


Tara Puja a Tibetan Buddhist Chanting Meditation

Join us in our meditational practice of The Twenty One Taras.


ON: Friday 17th November 2023

AND Saturday 18th November 2023 10am – 5pm


An Introduction to the 12 Dependent Links of Origination a Buddhist course

The Twelve Dependent Links of Origination are depicted on the outer rim of The Wheel of Life, the Tibetan scroll painting that is hung at every doorway to meditation halls, or gompas, that show us how delusion and karma bind us to samsara. By investigating these enigmatic symbols we can undo the mystery of their knotty connections to become more aware of what it means to be human, and to make the most of our precious human rebirth.